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T-shirts for Police Officers

T-shirts for police officers don’t have to be just a badge over the left side of the chest. Instead of the boring old yellow badge on a dark blue t-shirt, you can get something original for your squad that does more than just provide an alternative to a uniform. To make a great t-shirt for your squad, think about something unique about your team—what about your police squad makes them different from every other squad out there?

For instance, if your squad loves to play a game of pick-up basketball, you could incorporate basketball terms into your t-shirts or style your shirts to look like basketball uniforms but with the team logo as something related to your police department. If you participate in an annual 5k with other police departments, like the ones in the above photo, planning for something perfect for running and standing out can make your shirts more appealing. Being a bit creative with your t-shirts can make them more appealing to wear than the same old t-shirt design over and over. This idea is also great for team building. When your squad finds something that separates them from the rest, it creates a stronger sense of community and pride in the squad and there’s nothing more important than camaraderie in a police squad.

Other things police squads can do to make interesting shirts is to make one themed around an annual event, like a baseball tournament or picnic. Taking a different approach for your design and color scheme can make your shirts more interesting, like using a baseball style tee and a swooping logo to resemble a vintage baseball shirt. Having a bit of fun with your police department shirts can make them more interesting and fun to wear.

If you’re in need of police department custom t-shirts, give us a call and we’ll work with you to make a design that fits your squad. And, of course, we will always gladly print up standard badge style t-shirts for your squad too.

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