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Mission Trip T-Shirt Ideas

If your church group has plans for a mission trip getting ready means raising money to go, planning the trip, and getting all your supplies ready. A lot goes into a successful mission trip and one part that’s often overlooked is team building. When you have a group of people traveling and living together in close quarters, working hard to achieve your goals, and experiencing some life changing moments, tempers can flare if you don’t do some prep work at the beginning. While it might not seem like it, t-shirts can make a difference in helping to keep your group productive and happy together.

During the prep stage of your mission work, get your group together to discuss your goals. Your group can seek out a Bible passage, even, that embodies your goals for your mission trip. The group that designed the shirt above chose Romans 1:16, which is a statement of Christian faith in the Gospel. No matter what your beliefs, having a statement about your mission that is a driving force behind your work can help your team grow together.

After selecting a goal statement, designing a shirt around that statement helps your group put some intensive thought into the meaning behind that statement. Reflection is always a crucial part of any mission trip and starting it with a t-shirt design is a good way to have a reminder of the purpose of the mission throughout the journey.

Once you have a design, have it printed up on enough t-shirts for your group and your supporters. You can sell some of them to raise money for your mission trip and help others take on your mission by wearing your t-shirt.

Wearing the shirt reminds your mission trip members of the meaning behind their journey—when tensions run high and members start to feel discouraged, being able to see the mission’s meaning as part of their own person can help remind them of the higher purpose of your trip.

If you’re looking for great mission trip t-shirts, just give us a call and we can help.

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