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Commemorative Shirts for Events

Some events only happen once: the opening night of the season, a rare celebrity visit,  or a centennial celebration —  each of these is a once in a lifetime event. Making special shirts to commemorate the event is a great way to help participants remember the fun they had and to raise money or awareness of your event. If you’re opening a new business, it’s a great idea to hand out shirts at the ribbon cutting and make it into a big community event. Those commemorative t-shirts can help tell people about your new store and keep them coming back for more.

Commemorative shirts should have a few characteristics to separate them from other t-shirts. The most important thing on a commemorative shirt is the date of the event—since it was a one time event it’s a good idea to highlight this point so people feel it’s a special shirt, like an opening night shirt for a baseball team or a shirt to commemorate a special dinner.

All commemorative shirts should also have a great design that holds meaning for the event and not just the group the event surrounds. For instance, if you have an FFA or 4-H Show, don’t simply put your FFA or 4-H logo on the shirt. Be sure to include a special design for the event, like a design featuring a blue ribbon with the date and name of the event.

Thinking about how you want participants to think about your event later on as years go by will give you some clues to what your shirts should look like. What do you want participants to take away from your event? Try to answer this question as best you can with a great design.

If you’re unsure of a commemorative design for your event that will work best on your shirt, contact us and we can help. We have artists on staff to help illustrate a design just for your t-shirts that’s original and attractive to event participants.

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