Building Employee Loyalty with a Holiday Party

Ugly-Christmas-Sweater-by-theuglysweatershopAlthough it’s not even Halloween yet, many companies are already planning their holiday parties. It can take a lot of time and effort to plan a great party — setting up and decorating a space, arranging food and goodies, and planning speeches and prizes to show your employees how much you value their work.

At a time when end of year bonuses are a thing of the past, holiday parties are increasingly important. Showing your appreciation for your employees helps create a sense of loyalty and engagement that keeps your employees happy and still with you when the new year comes. T-shirts are a great gift that can help create loyalty and a sense of pride in your workers and there’s no better time to give them out than at a holiday party. Plus they look better than an ugly Christmas sweater!

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Commemorative Shirts for Events

commemorative-shirts-by-NazarethCollegeSome events only happen once: the opening night of the season, a rare celebrity visit,  or a centennial celebration —  each of these is a once in a lifetime event. Making special shirts to commemorate the event is a great way to help participants remember the fun they had and to raise money or awareness of your event. If you’re opening a new business, it’s a great idea to hand out shirts at the ribbon cutting and make it into a big community event. Those commemorative t-shirts can help tell people about your new store and keep them coming back for more.

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T-shirts for Police Officers

police-5k-shirts-by-CBP PhotographyT-shirts for police officers don’t have to be just a badge over the left side of the chest. Instead of the boring old yellow badge on a dark blue t-shirt, you can get something original for your squad that does more than just provide an alternative to a uniform. To make a great t-shirt for your squad, think about something unique about your team—what about your police squad makes them different from every other squad out there?

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Idea for Original Team Building Activity and Shirts

t-shirt-sea-by-Ryan GessnerTie-dyeing can be a great team-building activity for your company, team, or organization. It’s also a really low cost way of printing shirts because you can choose a white shirt with a simple black design for the best effect but still get something original and colorful.

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Facebook Recommendations


You need a custom screen printer for your custom t-shirts and apparel. There are plenty of choices, so how can you tell which one is right for you? Reviews and recommendations can help you find the right company for your needs — a company that will do a great job for you.

We’re highly recommended by our past customers and love sharing stories of where our screen printed apparel goes.

This photo comes from our Facebook page where one of our fans shared this photo with us of her children in Team Graphics hoodies.

Here’s some feedback from our Facebook page:

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Mission Trip T-Shirt Ideas


If your church group has plans for a mission trip getting ready means raising money to go, planning the trip, and getting all your supplies ready. A lot goes into a successful mission trip and one part that’s often overlooked is team building. When you have a group of people traveling and living together in close quarters, working hard to achieve your goals, and experiencing some life changing moments, tempers can flare if you don’t do some prep work at the beginning. While it might not seem like it, t-shirts can make a difference in helping to keep your group productive and happy together.

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Anti-Bullying Slogans

anti-bullying-slogans-by-Working-WordWednesday is National Anti-Bullying Unity Day and is a great way to stand up to bullying in your community. As teachers, parents, and students, we all need to show our strength in numbers. You can show your support for the anti-bullying movement by wearing orange on Wednesday, including orange t-shirts. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite anti-bullying slogans for posters and classroom displays so get creative and show your school that ending bullying matters to you.

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Koozie Fundraisers

koozie-by-Sweet Carolina Photography

Whether you’re holding a soda or a beer, koozies are a great way to keep drinks cold and your hands from getting chilly—but they’re also a great way to promote a business, team, group, or event. Koozies make great wedding favors too. We have koozies available through ePromos and can print anything on them.

Koozies can raise red flags for some groups. Their association with beer and the naughty sayings they often bear can make corporate team building groups, schools, and churches hesitate to choose them as promotional items.

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T-Shirts for Fire Associations


There’s no place that needs unity and support of all team members more than fire fighters. Natural FOOLs is a group of firefighters dedicated to training together and supporting each other through learning to become better firefighters. Their emphasis is on training and brotherhood and we were very proud to work with them to produce this beautiful t-shirt design.

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Waitstaff Uniform T-Shirts

CUSTOM5Custom t-shirts are a good solution for waitstaff uniforms because they’re low cost, easy to clean, and still look nice even after a hard day’s work. T-shirts have many advantages when used as uniforms for waitstaff but they’re also easy for staff to manage. When you’re working hard serving customers, you need a uniform that won’t get in your way. As a restaurant owner, you can take advantage of the benefits of t-shirt style uniforms.

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