Ugly-Christmas-Sweater-by-theuglysweatershopAlthough it’s not even Halloween yet, many companies are already planning their holiday parties. It can take a lot of time and effort to plan a great party — setting up and decorating a space, arranging food and goodies, and planning speeches and prizes to show your employees how much you value their work.

At a time when end of year bonuses are a thing of the past, holiday parties are increasingly important. Showing your appreciation for your employees helps create a sense of loyalty and engagement that keeps your employees happy and still with you when the new year comes. T-shirts are a great gift that can help create loyalty and a sense of pride in your workers and there’s no better time to give them out than at a holiday party. Plus they look better than an ugly Christmas sweater!

Meet and Greet

Always have your C-Suite meet and greet employees and their families. It’s a good idea to have an member of your human resources team or an assistant that knows names and faces on hand to discreetly let the CEO and other big bosses know the name and role of the employee. There’s nothing that destroys loyalty like an employee introducing his family to the head honcho and realizing the he or she doesn’t know who the employee is.

Keep a Jovial Tone

If there’s been a lot of hardships or downsizing in your company this year, the holiday party is not the time to mention it or the time for speeches that destroy the fun of the party. Be sure to keep speeches short and sweet and to highlight the accomplishments of the group as well as provide positive motivation for the future.

Thank Everyone

Whether remote workers or family members, be sure to say special thanks to everyone who has contributed to the company, whether or not they’re present. Workers love knowing that the company appreciates their families’ support. Remote workers deserve a special thank you note as a reminder to your on-location team that there are others who are vital to the company.

Plan a Holiday Surprise

T-shirts are a low cost way of giving something meaningful to your workers that helps them identify themselves as part of the team. When everyone wears the same shirts, it serves as an equalizer that recognizes the part everyone plays in the success of the company. If you want to take your surprise further, think of a creative way to use your t-shirts to promote your business as well as give back to your employees. We’ve seen shirts that said “I’m off from work at ___ today because they appreciate my work” where the company gave employees an extra day of vacation with the t-shirt after a successful year.

If you’re planning a holiday party and need t-shirts, be sure to contact us and we’ll start the process to get your shirts well before the holidays start.

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